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Let me express our sincere gratitude for possibility to take part in the second International industry conference Oil and gas market of the Republic of Belarus: production, trading and retail.

First of all we would like to note high level of arrangement of this forum. Owing to your professionalism and concern we were greatly impressed by excellent organization of conference and our stay in Belarus. You let us discover your remarkable country and get acquainted with magnificent people. We hope it was just the beginning of our cooperation. We were fascinated by that friendly atmosphere and your professional approach. It was real pleasure to meet competent and elegant organizers. We want to express our heartfelt thanks for your hospitality.

                                                                                              AS Arguspetroleum Ltd


This conference was organized much better than any other event of the kind held in Belarus. Topics and speakers were chosen perfectly well, and technical visits were wonderful. And the dinner was really perfect. To my mind connection and contacts acquired at the conference became even more reliable. Everything was organized perfectly well. This event was a real success and it was held at a very high level.

Representative of a ministry


We liked everything and this conference left only favourable impressions. You succeeded in creation of comfortable atmosphere for unconstrained communication.

                                                                                                 LLC «TRASSA NK»


High level of organization. Unconstrained atmosphere of lively communication. Thank you!

                                                                                                                    TD Intop


In our opinion this conference turned to be quite useful and its significance is beyond doubts. Today leading companies of Belarusian petroleum industry arouse interest of global representatives of this sphere. We all understand that sharing experience is vitally important in improving standards of services including issues associated with modernization and automation of filling stations network.

                                                                                             LLC “Balt K-Technika”


International industry conference Oil and gas market of the Republic of Belarus is not just a possibility to get actual information about production volumes of petroleum products in Belarus, modernization plans, export potential, but an opportunity to share information among the participants.

                                                                     LLC “Gazpromneft Marine Bunker»


We would like to note high level of organization of this event and its success, which was based on huge dedication of “Belorusneft” employees. Thank you very much!

                                                                                LLC “Belenergomashexport


We would like to note high level of organization of this conference. Perfectly designed program let organizers hold this conference in a meaningful way. Unconstrained atmosphere during coffee breaks, dinner and gala dinner created friendly and comfortable atmosphere for establishing new contacts. We had an opportunity to discuss some additional matters with our partner and find some areas of common interest with our partners.

Thanks for perfect organization and unforgettable atmosphere!

                                                                                        CJSC VTB Bank (Belarus)