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Accreditation of media

Only accredited representatives of media may take part in the conference free of charge.

Regulations of accreditation of media personnel.

Goal: objective coverage of conference and its results in media.

Accreditation conditions:

  • only media, officially registered in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, CIS countries, near and far abroad countries, may take part in conference;
  • we remind you that the professional activity of journalists of foreign mass media in Belarus without accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus is forbidden. The accreditation procedure of foreign journalists is available here;

  • accredited media representatives get special registered badge “Press”, which confirms their accreditation for the conference;
  • it is prohibited to transfer badges to third parties;
  • one journalist and one photographer (videographer) are allowed to represent one media;
  • it is necessary to submit application to be registered as a representative of media.
  • the following details should be specified in this application: designation of media; name and surname of a journalist, photographer (videographer); position; phone; fax; e-mail; media web-site;
  • applications should be submitted by e-mail by 5:00 PM, September 1, 2015 года;
  • decision on accreditation is made by the organizers within three working days from the day of application submission. Media is notified in writing about the decision;
  • organizers may refuse accreditation without explanations.

Rights and obligations of accredited media representatives.

Accredited journalists may:

  • obtain information about conference from the organizers;
  • participate in press-conferences, briefings and other events for media;
  • make photos in the conference hall;
  • take part in dinners, coffee-breaks, technical visits;
  • turn to organizers for assistance in arranging meetings and interviews with participants and guests of the conference.

Accredited journalists should:

  • advert the upcoming conference with obligatory reference to its designation and its organizers;
  • give full unbiased information about the conference and its results;
  • provide organizers with copies of published materials, links to web-sites;
  • respect rights and legal interests honour and dignity of guests and participants of the conference;
  • follow generally recognized rules of journalism ethics.

Other conditions.

  • accreditation doesn’t cover employees of advertising and other commercial departments;
  • accredited media representative, who don’t fulfill undertaken obligations, may be further refused in accreditation;
  • media representatives don’t participate in gala dinner.