Conference participation terms

Participation cost per one delegate:
In case the payment received before 05.07.2018 (inclusive) - 800 euros (including VAT);
In case the payment received before 01.08.2018 (inclusive) - 850 euros (including VAT);
In case the payment received before 07.09.2018 (inclusive) - 900 euros (including VAT);
In case the payment received after 07.09.2018 - 1 200 euros (including VAT).

You can pay in another currency at the exchange rate as of the date of conclusion of the contract.
Discounts for delegates from the same company:
- A second delegate - a 5% discount;
- The third and each subsequent delegate - 10% discount. 

The participation fee includes:
- Participation in the conference sessions;
- Participation in the technical visits;
- Coffee breaks, lunches, receptions;
- Participation in the Cocktail-party;
- Conference materials;
- Belarusian visa support (preparing visa invitation). 

Participation in the conference with a stand - 2 500 euros (including VAT)
Additionally, the fee includes:
   - Placement of the stand;
   - Placement of the presentation table;
   - The possibility of placing advertising materials;
   - Participation of two delegates in all the conference events. 

Belorusneft contacts:
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Mobile: +375 29 770 22 62
e-mail: Mr. Ilya Olievsky




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