Gas processing plant reconstruction

To enhance gas processing efficiency a comprehensive project of Belarusian gas processing plant reconstruction has been launched. It will increase the productive capacity and enable the plant to produce new products among which there are individual hydrocarbon fractions (propane, isobutene, normal-butane, isopentane, normal pentane fraction).
The scope of work includes reconstruction of gas fractionation plant with reequipment and upgrading the capacity of natural gas liquids processing from 480 up to 765 thousand t per year, piping replacement at production units No. 1 and 2, boiler-house reconstruction, co-generation power plant construction.
To meet the requirements of the European standard EN 589-2008 refined product quality according to thin absorption sulfide refining of commodity flows is planned to be introduced. The unit, functioning according to this technology, is planned to be placed in operation in 2014.