Environmental policy

Production of oil, well drilling and workover, gas processing, maintenance and transportation services are making an impact on the nature. That is why environmental protection and sustainability is one of Belorusneft priorities.

Production Association Belorusneft environmental management system in relation to oil and gas production, gas processing, construction and well workover, power generation, heating and water supply, transport activities is certified in accordance with the requirements of STB ISO 14001-2017. 

Environmental protection measures

Our environmental policy aims at preserving the environment and ensuring our employees’ safety at work. Our company is striving to create a favorable environmental image.

The company is continuously implementing environmental protection measures where advanced technologies and equipment  are used:

  • progressive drilling methods include drilling of directional and horizontal wells;
  • pitless drilling;
  • dumping of drilling wastes into a subsurface storage;
  • recycling oil slime by using it as an EOR method;
  • installing a vapor recovery unit at the treatment facility;
  • new and renewable energy sources – operating photovoltaic stations;converting petrol cars to LPG;
  • 100% utilization of associated petroleum gas (it’s used feedstock at our Belarusian Gas processing plant).

Production practices have utmost in our company’s environmental commitments along with increasing environmental awareness of the staff.