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Occupational safety

Production Association Belorusneft considers provision of industrial safety and observance of occupational safety requirements to be the basic issues in its activity. Thus, the Association acknowledges the priority of its employees' health over the results of work.

The occupational safety policy of Production Association Belorusneft allows for a high level safety of the employees and other parties engaged in the production activities.

The management of the Association pays great attention to minimizing the impact of occupational risks on the personnel, development of sustainable skills and methods of safe practices. For this purpose, the Association regularly holds activities on enhancement of the equipment reliability, operation of complex production facilities, improvement of the labour conditions.

According to STB 18001, PA Belorusneft has implemented and uses the occupational health and safety management system, which complies with the requirements of the applicable legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The occupational health and safety management is based on the following principles:

  • management leadership;
  • involvement of the personnel;
  • decision-making based on risks in the occupational safety field;
  • cooperation with everyone involved in the provision of safety;
  • constant enhancement of labour conditions.

The key commitments of Belorusneft in the field of occupational safety are:

  • observance of the applicable legal and other requirements, with which the enterprise agrees;
  • prevention of injuries and preventive healthcare through identification of risks and hazards of the enterprise's activities;
  • systematic training of employees in the occupational safety area;
  • making of managerial decisions on constant improvement of performance indicators in the field of occupational safety;
  • informing of employees and other engaged persons of the state of occupational safety at the enterprise;
  • involvement of all employees in occupational safety management.

The personnel management policy of Belorusneft in the field of occupational safety presupposes not only instruction of the employees on the safety instructions, but also their rigorous observance.