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Social facilities

There is a net of social facilities for company staff, among which there are Sunny Bank health resort, children health camp of Marat Kazey, cultural and technical center “Neftyanik”, canteens and mobile eating centers. Their operation is under Social objects department control. 


The main task of public catering is to provide hot meals for workers at stationary refectories, at work places of brigades and shift teams, as well as special food supply for certain ranks of oilmen. Social objects department has more than 40 refectories, canteens, mobile eating centers, as well as custom shops and warehouses.

There is an automated system of catering production sale accounting at all catering objects. Over 3 thousand people come to the catering units every day.

Belarusneft has proper agro-industrial subdivisions and households that supply oilmen with meat, sausage products, milk, and poultry. 

Health improvement

The employees, their families and pensioners of the enterprise have the opportunity to improve their health state at Sunny beach sanitarium. It is located on the bank of Dniepr near Rechitsa. About 3,300 oilmen have rest and improve their health state here every year.

The sanitarium is fitted with up-to-date medical equipment. It specializes in curing and prevention of alimentary and respiratory organs, locomotor apparatus, cardiovascular, central and peripheral nervous system, skin diseases, rehabilitation of the workers that had an illness.

There is an indoor swimming pool, balneary, sports grounds and fitness facilities at the complex. Unique landscape has been formed at the territory of the sanitary.

Around 2,000 of oilmen’s children have rest at children’s health camp of Marat Kazey every year. Children recreation facility, located in Rechitsa region, has comfortable buildings, open pool, fitted children’s playground and a stadium. Competent teachers organize leisure time.


The team of Cultural and technical centre “Neftyanik” ensures workers and their families’ leisure time organization, concerts, cultural and environmental events holding. Its main activities include: creative, organizational and methodological and commercial one. The cultural centre house more than 10 creative teams and unions. Three of them enjoy honorary titles.