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Power generation
Belorusneft sold the billionth kW*h of electricity, generated in-house.


13 September 2019
New equipment in the core processing center

Belorusneft geologists are now using a new core studying tool.

13 September 2019
Keeping up high production rates

We continue retrofitting pumping stations at Belarusian fields.

13 September 2019
A memorial tablet to the oilman Pyotr Zheglov was set up in Rechitsa

It became the first in the history of Belorusneft.

13 September 2019
Topic-specific reading from Belorusneft

The latest issue of the journal Naeftyanik Polesya.

9 September 2019
Halliburton Delegation

US experts have studied operations of Belorusneft geophysicists.

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