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Gas processing
“Belorusneft” produced over 14 bln cubic meters of casinghead gas starting from field development in Belarus.


21 January 2020
Special recipe

The modified type of drilling fluid OMC-M - from the grouts of Belorusneft.

21 January 2020
Running again

Belorusneft Eco-marathon once again gathers lovers of an active lifestyle.

21 January 2020
Export to China

Belorusneft-Osobino Enterprise Gets the Right to Export Products to the Chinese Market.

15 January 2020
New deposits

Belorusneft specialists found reserves at the Gartsevskoye field.

15 January 2020
Award from the President

Skif Center led by a representative of Belorusneft, was awarded a special prize.

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