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Three million tons
“Belorusneft” has extracted total of three million tons of oil from the restored wells by ratholing.


4 January 2020
Top filling station

After the reconstruction, a Belorusneft filling station opened in the Grodno region.

24 December 2019
Smart filling stations

Digital innovations that will arrive at Belorusneft filling stations.

24 December 2019
Studying at TATRA TRUCKS a.s.

Workers of the Cementing and Fracking Department of Belorusneft upgraded their qualification in the Czech Republic.

24 December 2019
Christmas tree of good and desires

Oil workers supported the republican charity event "Our Children".

24 December 2019
425 million kilowatt hours

In 2019, Belorusneft plans to get a record indicator for electricity generation.

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