Common interests

4/5/19 8:48 AM

Cooperation prospects were discussed by oil scientists from Belarus and Sudan.

Prospects for designing the development of Sudanese fields and geological and geophysical research were discussed during the visit of the delegation of the Central Petroleum Laboratories of the Sudanese Oil and Gas Corporation (PLRS) to the association Belorusneft.

Specialists of the Belarusian company introduced their colleagues to technology, equipment, software, and personnel, and, naturally, to experience in Belarus and international projects.

Most of the guests were interested in complex projects of increasing oil recovery and intensifying oil production, which are being developed and implemented in Belarus. Representatives of the Sudanese company were also impressed by the research complex of the Belorusneft research and engineering center – the BelNIPIneft Institute, as well as by the experience and professionalism of its specialists. During their visit, the Sudanese colleagues got acquainted with the work of the Center for the Processing, Research and Storage of the Core, laboratory facilities of the institute. Including those established for the work on the study of the properties of reservoir fluids, filtration studies, hydraulic fracturing.

Among the possible areas of joint work are identified laboratory studies, design development of deposits in the Republic of Sudan. Now the parties are analyzing received information and are preparing a number of proposals.