Echelon went up North

2/22/19 10:01 AM

The АРС-200 mobile drilling rig was put on rails in Belorusneft-Siberia.

The unit with a lifting capacity of 200 tons and with the ability to build wells with a depth of up to 4 thousand meters produced by Seismotekhnika OJSC in Gomel has now become an echelon-type complex. The echelon mechanism was also manufactured at Seismotekhnika OJSC. The project for the development and control of the release was led by the Chief Structural Engineer Tatyana Selezneva. The first echelon was mounted on the cluster pad No. 3A of the Izvestinskoe field, which is being developed by the Yangpur company.

Cluster drilling is the most common type of drilling in Western Siberia, when wellheads are grouped in a common area – at close distances from each other.

Alexander Volkov, Deputy Head for External Services of the Department for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Well Repair:

“Echelon is in high demand among many potential customers. The availability of this mechanism on mobile installations during well drilling is required in the Rosneft and Gazprom companies. Through the use of the echelon mechanism, the drillers of Belorusneft-Siberia will significantly reduce the time of equipment installation during the construction of several wells on one cluster pad”.