Presidential visit

8/2/19 10:19 AM

Alexander Lukashenko with the working trip has visited Gomelskaya oblast.

The first goal was the production department “Novosyolki” belonging to the enterprise Belorusneft-Osobino. Here the head of state was reported about social and economic development in the region, about financial situation of the farm and its prospects for the development. “Belorusneft-Osobino” is one of the most economically important poultry farms in the region. The productivity of the production department is 20 tons of meat per year. It works quite effectively: the meat production from January to June reached 110,4% to the same period of  the previous year.

The development program worked out up to 2025 includes construction of bird houses for growing the breeding youngsters, restoring the production sites for advanced cracking and incubation.