Two floors of services

2/21/19 10:00 AM

A new-format gas station appeared in Minsk.

The Gas Station No. 22 of the RUE Belorusneft-Minskautozapravka is located in the area of the former Chervensky market at 3 Volodko Street. Its main difference is the two-storeyed building of the trading hall where the first floor has few customary zones with a trading hall and a cafeteria. The second floor is a cafe with 18 seats and a summer terrace.

At the new gas station, 6 cars can be refueled at the same time, the design capacity of a gas station is 375 gas stations per day. For the supply of petroleum products, three Quantium 510 fuel-dispensing units are provided. In addition, there is a MODE-4 charging station for electric vehicles at the gas station.

Sergey Kamornikov, Deputy General Director for the Supply of Hydrocarbons and Product Sales:

“Belorusneft-Minskavtozapravka Gas station No. 22 is actually a new generation of gas stations. It is distinguished by the availability of a wide range of services. One of the facilities where we plan to profit not only on fuel, but also on other services. Today, the share of related products in the profits of petroleum products enterprises already constitutes up to 30–40%. We hope to keep on raising this threshold every year and increase revenues from other activities”.