A new division

3/11/19 10:32 AM

A new division has been created to develop the service of washing fluids in Belorusneft.

The company is actively investing in drilling new wells and sidetracking. This means that the amount of cementing jobs, cement plugging, drilling muds formulation and supervision is increasing.

In order to develop a business unit for flushing fluids, reformat it into a modern division capable of comprehensively solving problems in the domestic and foreign markets and a new service has been created.

The new division is created in the cementing department. The team includes specialists in drilling fluid service for drilling and restoring wells with sidetracks and several management units. These are the drilling mud shop, Rechitsky and Svetlogorsk sections with two laboratories of drilling mud and a mortar unit at the Ostashkovichi CRPS.

The new division was headed by the deputy head of the cementing department - head of flushing fluids division Anton Bogomolov.

Anton Bogomolov, head of flushing fluids division of the cementing department:

“Now we are preparing the drilling mud workshop for restructuring. We will radically reconsider the process of organizing work, the structure of production. All staff will be re-assessed. We will conduct training, if necessary, we will send people to retrain. Much remains to be done on the preparation of drilling fluid formulations. Let's reconsider the ready-made systems that are used in Belorusneft. Perhaps something can be improved by purchasing additional chemical materials, and, upon obtaining a positive result, be used. It is necessary to equip the laboratory equipment, including field equipment. We are planning to buy the relevant modern software.”