Advanced technology

3/25/19 9:34 AM

Geophysics of “Belorusneft” mastered advanced technology research in wells.

Specialists of the Well Logging Department mastered the advanced technology of research in horizontal and subhorizontal wells. Coiled tubing is used for the delivery of devices in the needed areas. The technique has already passed on from the stage of pilot field work to mass implementation. It was tested in Belarus – at the wells of Rechitsky, Davydovsky, Marmovichsky and Kartashovsky fields.

Downhole tool equipped with scanning probes was used for research. Previously, its delivery to the destination frequently posed a problem: measuring downhole parameters is required in wells of complex construction. And, given the development of reserves and the increase in the share of hard-to-recover resources, such wells are becoming more and more widespread in Belarus.

In their work geophysicists used the coiled tubing unit MK-30-T produced by the Belarusian CJSC NOV Fidmash. In the process of research, a special complex for recording downhole parameters was used along with the geophysical instrument. It was developed and implemented by BelNIPIneft specialists.

It turned out to be very technological: the parameters in the desired interval were measured in real time, in parallel with the performance of other technical processes.

Thus, geophysicists have significantly expanded their technical capabilities in research. There are a lot of advantages in comparison with traditional methods of delivering devices to horizontal sections. This includes saving time and reducing the risk of complications in wells, as well as the opportunity to engage in research in complex reservoir and technical conditions.