Oil production

Belorusneft has a rich experience in the Russian oil business. We are connected by reliable relations with such companies as  Rosneft, GazpromNeft, Bashneft.

Today the Belorusneft-Siberia company is successfully operating inRussiawhich is engaged in drilling, overhauling exploration and production wells, introducing various methods of intensifying production and increasing oil recovery aimed at restoring a dormant stock and involving the exploitation of unprocessed oil reserves.

Considering the long-term practice of hydrocarbon deposits developing both inBelarusand in other countries, we offer cooperation in oil production projects inRussia.

Preferred forms of Belorusneft project participation: 

  • Acquisition of producing fields with proven oil resources from 5 to 50 million tons;
  • Large oil field farm-in. 

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