Industrial Services

State enterprise Belorusneft-Promservice 

provides a wide-range of industrial services.

Maintenance of electric equipment

  • distribution networks;
  • substations, overhead and cable lines;
  • external and internal lighting systems and networks;
  • protection relay and automation (PRA);
  • frequency converter (including their adjustment).

Electric measurements and electric tests


  • in electric installations;
  • resistance of isolation of cable and other lines;
  • communication devices;
  • test of the efficiency of cathodic protection station.


  • excess voltage;
  • electric tools and movable electric equipment;
  • power transformers;
  • isolation of instruments with isolated handles.

Maintenance of the service of automation systems and measurement means

  • dispatch and automated systems of centralized management (MICS, ASEPTRK, SCADA, AMS TP);
  • automation means;
  • test of the safety automation and adjustment of boiler houses;
  • repair of electronic devices and modules;
  • maintenance of safety devices and overload limiters of hoisting machines;
  • diagnostics and repair of autonomous heaters.

Maintenance of safety systems

  • automated fire alarm;
  • automated fire extinguishing system, smoke protection, fire alarm and evacuation control;
  • security means and systems;
  • gas detectors.

Maintenance and repair of refrigerating equipment

  • industrial refrigerating equipment;
  • trade refrigerating equipment;
  • household refrigerators.

Maintenance and report of ventilation systems (air conditioning)

  • natural and induced ventilation;
  • conduct of aerodynamic tests, certification of ventilation systems;
  • regular check of the compliance of smoke protection systems;
  • adjustment and commissioning works of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • maintenance of chillers and air conditioners.

Maintenance and repair of heat equipment

  • 24-hour maintenance of boiler units;
  • routine maintenance and repair of boiler equipment;
  • operational test of boilers and desalinization systems;
  • maintenance of heat and water supply and water disposal systems;
  • maintenance and repair of gas equipment.

Tank battery maintenance

  • tanks inspection;
  • tank cleaning;
  • calibration of pipelines.

Metrological support of the enterprise

  • repair and check of pressure, temperature measurements means;
  • check of flow measurement means;
  • repair, check, calibration of measurement means in specialized organizations.

Construction and installation work

  • Installation of external and internal networks of heat supply, water supply, power supply;
  • installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • installation of automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Integrated servicing of fuel stations

Integrated servicing of local treatment facilities

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