Branded fuel

Belorusneft presents high technology premium gasoline 92 RON

The fuel is a derivative of high-quality gasoline 92 RON with the addition of multifunctional additive Keropur of the concern BASF.

In the pace of modern life to ensure security for yourself and your family, it is necessary to be confident in your car. The new fuel will support your car, will make it possible not only to maintain the engine performance for a long time but also to set new speed records as well as in fuel economy.  

Differences of BN-92 from the conventional gasoline 92 RON: 

  • reduces intake valves deposits by 70-80%;
  • reduces fuel consumption up to 3%;
  • provides the perfect carburetor and fuel injectors cleanliness both in classical injection engines and in engines with direct injection;
  • reduces harmful vehicle exhaust emissions;
  • it has an effective friction modifier, which provides protection against engine wear;
  • ensures smooth operation of the engine in tough winter conditions.

Additional advantages of branded fuel BN-92:

  • better fuel at the price of normal;*
  • improved engine cold start;
  • reliable engine operation;
  • fuel system cleaning without disassembly and repair;
  • engine components and fuel tank corrosion protection;
  • guarantee of high quality fuel from the largest companies - «BASF» and «Belorusneft».

Premium gasoline BN-92 maintains effectively the cleanliness of the fuel injection system in the engine - prevents deposit formation, removes existing ones. It facilitates cleaning of intake valves, inlet pipes, injectors and carburetors.

BN-92 includes high-efficiency corrosion inhibitor that protects fuel tanks and fuel systems of vehicles.

New gasoline BN-92 contains a modern friction modifier - the latest elaboration of the company BASF, and special components to reduce internal friction in the engine, which provide additional fuel economy.

As the result, BN-92 provides not only high detergent, anticorrosion and lubricating properties, but also reduces the average fuel consumption.

The sooner you start using BN-92, the longer will be the engine service life of your car

* - First, to launch a new product, the price of branded premium gasoline BN-92 at all filling stations of Belorusneft is equal to the price of regular gasoline.